Friday, July 31, 2009

New Blog: Genealogy of Vinton Families

Please check out my new blog called Genealogy of Vinton Families. I've decided to take on another project researching the families of my hometown of Vinton, Louisiana. It's not as if I have time for another project, but I thought it would be something new and exciting to do. Just for a change of pace when I get tired with my own brickwalls and my family and friends' brickwalls. My great-grandparents did not arrive in Vinton until the early 1940s from Lafayette Parish, Louisiana, and my grandfather was an only child. I've always felt like everyone else in Vinton was related to each other, and I was the only one who wasn't. I only had my sister and brother and my two first cousins on my dad's side plus my three first cousins on my mom's side whose parents had been transplanted from Michigan. So I figured it might be a fun project just to see who really is related to one another. I will be primarily using census records, WWI draft registrations, local newspapers, the SSDI, headstones, marriage records, abstracts of church records, city directories, and death records. Let the digging begin!

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  1. I'm a firm believer myself in keeping several pots simmering at once! I really have the genealogy bug and I find smacking my head up against a brickwall is not always productive! I also work with a lot of other people on their genealogy - especially non-French-speaking Americans who working on Quebec genealogy. This sometimes leads me to new sources.
    Evelyn in Montreal