Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sorting Out My Jermyn Connections through Death Records

In trying to sort out my Jermyn connections, I've decided to also look at death records for Jermyn's in Ontario.

The first one of interest is for John Jermyn who died 5 Oct 1906 in Biddulph, Middlesex County, Ontario at the age of 80. His parents are not listed. His age suggests a birth date of 1825-1826. If his age is correct, then he is probably not the John Jermyn who witnessed Susanna's marriage record because he would have only been 10 years old in 1836. However, his age still puts him in a position to be her brother. Perhaps the John who witnessed her marriage was her father or an uncle. This John's birthplace is given as County Cork, Ireland. Some of Susanna's census records and those of her children give her birthplace as Ireland.

Richard Jermyn, Sr. died 30 Apr 1918 in Granton, Biddulph Township, Middlesex County, Ontario. He was 82 years and 7 months old, suggesting a birth date of Oct 1835. His parents are listed as Stephen Jermyn and --- Webb. Was Stephen married to a Webb too?

Jane Jermyn died 22 Jan 1881 in Biddulph Township at the age of 46 years. She was born about 1834-1835 in Ireland. This may have been Richard's wife. The informant's first initial is hard to read, but his last name is Jermyn, and he lives in Granton.

Henry Jermyn, son of Stephen Jermyn and Mary Stout, died 29 Sep 1925 in Owen Sound, Grey County, Ontario, at the age of 84 years. He was born 7 Sep 1841 in York County, Ontario. His parents were both born in Ireland. So was Mary a Webb or a Stout? We know that Stephen's potential brothers, John and Thomas, both married Webb's. His potential sister, Martha, also married a Webb. Henry was buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Owen Sound. The informant was a nephew, Emery Jermyn.

Jabez Jermyn died 4 Sep 1919 in Brussels, Huron County, Ontario. He was the son of John Jermyn and --- Webb. This should be Elizabeth Webb. He was born in Biddulph Township in Middlesex County on 11 Jul 1845. The informant was Wesley B. Jermyn.

John Jermyn died 6 Dec 1876 in Biddulph Township. No age is given, and his birthplace is given as Ireland. There is no informant. Perhaps this is the John who was a witness at Susanna's marriage.

Thomas Jermyn died 22 Aug 1898 in Listowel, Perth County, Ontario. He was born 16 Jul 1838 in Canada.

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