Saturday, July 11, 2009

Festival of Postcards: Wheels

Ever since I read about Evelyn Yvonne Theriot's Festival of Postcards, I've wanted to participate. I collected postcards as a teenager, and I have a rather large collection. I had pen pals all over the world while I was in middle school and high school, and they sent me several postcards. I've also collected postcards from trips I've taken over the years. Although the first two editions of the carnival have already been posted, I thought I would catch up anyhow.

For the May 2009 edition, which was the first edition, the theme was wheels. Here is my belated submission below:

This postcard comes from England from my German pen pal, Sigrun Grabowski. Unfortunately, I've lost touch with Sigrun over the years. Sigrun lived in Bavaria and sent me this postcard from her summer holiday to Somerset County, England. I've always thought that this postcard was so serene. The West Somerset Railway actually has a website here. According to the official website, the railway is Britain’s longest standard gauge steam railway and is a heritage railway, which is a railway run as a tourist attraction. Hopefully, one day Cade and I will visit Somerset County and take a ride on this railway!

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