Friday, June 5, 2009

Pemberton Family Wedding Belles

James Frederick Chamberlain and Deborah Darlene Pemberton, 8 Aug 1970

Travis Keith Sparks and April Mae Chamberlain, 20 Oct 2001

Robert Lee Post and Barbara LaJean Pemberton, 21 Jun 1958

Dennis Douglas Drouillard and Gloria ViAnn Pemberton, 8 Jul 1978

John Michael Pemberton and Carol Ann Cameron, 5 Apr 1974

Richard Joseph DeLuca and Kathleen Ranee Trahan, 11 Oct 2008

Michael David Trahan and Pamela Sue Pemberton, 15 Oct 1977

John Peter Pemberton and Violet Mae Currie, 9 Sep 1949

Clifford Robert Drouillard and Violet Mae Currie, at wedding of daughter, Pamela Sue Pemberton, 15 Oct 1977

Stacy Darlene Chamberlain and Troy Alan Chamberlain, flower girl and ring bearer in the wedding of their aunt, Pamela Sue Pemberton, 15 Oct 1977


  1. Thank you for sharing all your Wedding Belles. It is interesting to see how the wedding dresses and the men's tuxedos change from decade to decade.

  2. Thanks, Linda! My favorites are the 1970s tuxes with ruffles!

  3. You are so lucky to have all these wedding pictures; it would be fun to play a game of "date the picture" based on the clothing and hair styles. By the way, I have nominated you for the Janice Brown Puckerbrush Blog Award for Excellence at

  4. Greta,

    Thanks so much for the award!

  5. How lucky to have so many different wedding photos. Brings back some memories for me of weddings in my family during those years. I love that you showed us all of them for this Carnival.