Saturday, August 20, 2011

Surname Saturday: SEPULVADO

Well, it has been about a month since the wedding, and I figured it's only proper for me to interrupt my usual Surname Saturday routine to do a post about my new married surname. I'll start with my husbands's (I love saying that word) paternal grandfather and work backwards.

Born 26 Nov 1915 in Zwolle, Sabine, Louisiana.
Married Lorena LEONE 28 Oct 1935, probably in Sabine Parish
Died 22 May 1994 in Zwolle, Sabine, Louisiana.

Born 30 Oct 1890 in Zwolle, Sabine, Louisiana
Married Marguerite BEBEE abt 1911, probably in Sabine Parish
Died 15 Jan 1982 in Many, Sabine, Louisiana

Born 10 Jun 1852 in Zwolle, Sabine, Louisiana
Married Louisa LAROUX abt 1873 in Zwolle, Sabine, Louisiana
Died 23 Jul 1930 in Zwolle, Sabine, Louisiana

Jose Biniano SEPULVADO
Born abt 1832 in Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches, Texas
Married Georgonia ESTRADA 17 Mar 1851 in Sabine Parish, Louisiana
Died 13 Oct 1903 in Sabine Parish, Louisiana

Jose Antonio SEPULVADO
Born abt 1781 in Mexico
Married Maria Guadelupe CHAVANA in 1817 in Natchitoches, Natchitoches, Louisiana
Died 16 Aug 1853 in Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches, Texas

I'm not 100% certain about the exact birthplace of Jose Antonio within Mexico. Unsourced online trees say San Carlos. I need to examine his marriage record in Natchitoches Parish to see if it mentions a birthplace. Most civil records from that timeframe don't give much information other than names and residences of the bride and groom, but sometimes Catholic church marriage records will give the person's home parish. Since they were Spanish, I assume they probably married in a Catholic church in Natchitoches. Even if he was born in San Carlos, so far I have found three locations in Mexico with that name. The most likely possibility, because of it's close proximity to Texas, is a town outside Monterrey in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas in northeastern Mexico. The other two possibilities are a town in the state of Aguascalientes in central Mexico and a seaside resort community in the northwestern state of Sonora.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011