Sunday, July 19, 2009

More Jermyn Connections

Of particular interest are several birth records from the 1880's in Huron County, Ontario. The parents of the children named in the birth records are Whitfield Jermyn and Sarah Hobbs. Susanna had a grandson named Whitfield Pemberton, oldest son of her youngest child, Charles Pemberton, and his wife Blanche Poole. Whitfield is an unusual name, so I'm hoping this means there may be a connection. I have not yet connected Whitfield Jermyn with anyone, though he did live in Huron County, where Stephen and Mary's son, Thomas Jermyn, and John and Elizabeth's son, Jabez Jermyn, lived.

There is a Susanna Jarmin who married John Porter 19 Nov 1863 in Middlesex County, Ontario. Her parents are listed as Wilkinson and Catherine Jarmin. She was a resident of Lobo Township. She was born about 1845 in Canada.

In the 1860 US Census, there is a Francis Jerman living in Ira Township in St. Clair County, Michigan. He was age 53 (b. abt 1806-1807) and was born in Canada. His wife was Mary Jerman, age 36. They have 4 children in the household: Matilda, age 13; Eli, age 18; Hariet, age 9; and Mary, age 1. All the children were born in Canada except for Mary. She was born in Michigan. I mention this because Susanna and her husband, Jeremiah Pemberton, moved to Wayne County, Michigan about 1856 and then to St. Clair County about 1865.

In the 1870 US Census, there is a James German and Elizabeth German living in Clay Township in St. Clair County. Clay Township is exactly where Jeremiah and Susanna relocated to around 1865. James is age 25 (b. abt 1844-1845), and his birthplace is given as Michigan. In 1870, Jeremiah and Susanna lived in the village of Algonac, which is in Clay Township.

In the 1880 census, there is a Ferdinand and Frank Jarmy both living with their sister, Mary, and her husband, John Blauvelt, in Algonac. Ferdinand was age 29 (b. abt 1850-1851) and Frank was age 22 (b. abt 1857-1858). They were both born in Canada. Their parents were born in England. Mary was age 26 (b. abt 1853-1854). From Frank's marriage record, it appears that his parents were Thomas Jarmy and Frances Baker. Mary's marriage record does not list any parents but gives her birthplace as Quebec. This may be the wrong family. But the interesting thing is that Frank/Francis lives next to Charles Pemberton, Susanna's son, in the 1900 US Census in Algonac. Is this just a coincidence?

In Mar 1913, Joseph L. Jermyn, son of J[ohn].W. Jermyn and Sarah Langford, married Elizabeth A. Rogers in Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan. This would have been well after Susanna's family settled there. John W. Jermyn is a potential nephew of Susanna's, the son of her potential brother, John. This would make Joseph a potential great-nephew.

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