Saturday, July 11, 2009

Festival of Postcards: Main Street

The second edition of the Festival of Postcards centered around Main Street. This edition has already posted, but I thought I would catch up and post this anyway.

In February or March of 2000, my sister and I traveled with the youth group from the Welsh Memorial United Methodist Church in Vinton, Louisiana, to Taos, New Mexico for a ski trip. It is quite common for native Louisianians to leave the state for Mardi Gras and go on ski trips. Since we didn't actually ski, my sister and I spent one day browsing the shops surrounding the Taos Plaza. Taos is the county seat of Taos County in north-central New Mexico. It was founded in 1615 following the Spanish conquest of the Indian Pueblo villages. In 1899, artists began moving to Taos and soon an art colony was developed. Today it is also known for its Taos Ski Valley. We wanted to visit the Taos Pueblo community, but there was a death in the community, causing it to be closed for tourists during their time of mourning. Although we did not ski, we did spend a few days at the ski resort. This was the first time that I had seen snow. I think what amazed me most about New Mexico was how all the buildings (even Wal-Mart) were made of adobe. The level of poverty also amazed me (and we have quite a bit of poverty in Louisiana). Anyhow, these are just a few memories of my trip to Taos. Enjoy the postcard!

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