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Sorting Out My Jermyn Connections through Marriage Records

My fourth great-grandmother was Susanna Jermyn. All I know about her is that she was born about 1820 in either England, Ireland (possibly Northern Ireland), or Canada. She married Jeremiah Pemberton in St. James Cathedral in Toronto, York County, Ontario, on 19 Nov 1836. She was a resident of Toronto Gore Township in Peel County, Ontario, at the time of her marriage. The two witnesses to the marriage were Thomas Jermyn and John Jermyn.

There was a Thomas Jermyn who married Mary Webb on 13 Apr 1839 at St. James Cathedral. He was a resident of Toronto, as was Mary Webb. Witnesses were R. Sophia Stevenson and Thomas Webb. Is this the same Thomas Jermyn who was a witness at Susanna and Jeremiah's wedding in Nov 1836? Could this be a brother or a cousin of Susanna?

It appears that John Jermyn and Elizabeth Webb married in 1842. See the Upper Canada (Ontario) Marriage Database here. Were John Jermyn and Thomas Jermyn brothers who married sisters, Elizabeth Webb and Mary Webb?

On 23 Feb 1837, Henry Rowe married Catherine Beamish at St. James Cathedral. Both were residents of Toronto Gore Township. Witnesses were John Jermyn and J. Gamble Geddes. Is this the same John Jermyn who was a witness at Jeremiah and Susanna's wedding?

Rewind backwards before the 1830s marriages at St. James Cathedral. On 22 Oct 1817, William German of Markham Township married Diana Caswell of Whitchurch Township at St. James Cathedral. Witnesses were H. Patterson and Panuta [sp?] Patterson. Could these be Susanna's parents? She was born in 1820, so this is not outside the realm of possibility. Susanna did name one of her son's William.

Fast forward quite a few years, and on 18 Mar 1888, Jabez Jermyn, son of John Jermyn and Elizabeth Webb, married Martha Roe, daughter of Thomas Roe and Emma Dudly, in McKillop, Huron County, Ontario. Are Martha Roe and Thomas Roe any relation to Henry Rowe, whose marriage John Jermyn witnessed in 1837? According to the marriage record, Jabez Jermyn was born in Biddulph, Middlesex County, Ontario, about 1845-1846. Martha Roe was born about 1860-1861 in Grey Township, Huron County, Ontario. Witnesses were Fletcher Roe of McKillop and Annie Morrison.

Another son of John and Elizabeth Webb, John J. Jermyn, married Anna Jarvis on 22 Feb 1881 at Owen Sound, Grey County, Ontario. John J. Jermyn was born about 1847-1848 in Biddulph.

Henry Jermyn of Biddulph was a witness at the marriage of David Baird and Kezia Webb, daughter of John Webb and Martha, on 27 May 1874 in Parkhill, Middlesex County, Ontario. Going backwards, on 21 Nov 1849, John Webb married Martha Jermyne in London District, Ontario. Both were residents of Biddulph. Witnesses were George Webb and Stephen Jermyne. Could Martha Jermyne be a younger sister of Susanna, Thomas, and John Jermyn? Could John Webb be a younger brother of Elizabeth and Mary Webb? If Kezia is a daughter of John Webb and Martha Jermyn, then Henry Jermyn may be a cousin.

Note that there was also a John Pemberton who married in 1874 in Middlesex County, though I'm not too sure if there is a connection with Susanna's husband, Jeremiah Pemberton. Pemberton can sometimes be like the name Smith or Jones.

On 22 Mar 1876, Henry Jermyn of Biddulph, son of Stephen Jermyn and Mary, married Margaret Grafton in Blanshard Township, Perth County, Ontario. Is this the same Henry Jermyn who witnessed Kezia Webb's marriage? Henry was born about 1841-1842 in Toronto Township, Peel County, Ontario. Susanna named one of her son's Stephen. Could this Stephen be a brother to Susanna? In fact, Susanna had three sons with similar names to these Jermyn gentlemen: John (possibly a brother to Susanna), William Thomas (William - possibly a father to Susanna; Thomas - possibly a brother to Susanna), and Stephen (possibly a brother to Susanna). It appears that Stephen's family and John's family both migrated to Biddulph in Middlesex County. Furthermore, if Kezia Webb was the daughter of Martha Jermyn, and Henry was the son of Stephen Jermyn, and Henry was a witness at the marriage of Kezia, could Stephen and Martha be siblings, which may mean that Stephen, Martha, Thomas, John, and Susanna are all siblings?

On 8 Jun 1881, Thomas Jermyn, son of Stephen and Mary Jermyn, married Susan Forbes in Brussels, Huron County, Ontario. Thomas was born about 1838-1839 in Toronto. Could this younger Thomas be named after his father's brother, Thomas Jermyn?

On 6 Nov 1865, William Jermyn, son of Stephen and Mary, married Eliz? Crawford in Middlesex County. William was born about 1842-1843 in Toronto Township. He was a resident of Biddulph. Was William named after his grandfather, William German?

On 23 Feb 1869, Ann Jermyn, daughter of Thomas Jermyn and Mary (maiden name not given, possibly Webb), married William H. Montague in Middlesex County. Ann was born about 1839-1840 in Canada. She resided in London in Middlesex County at the time of her marriage. A witness was William Jermyn. Did Thomas' family also migrate to Middlesex County?

Another daughter of Thomas and Mary, Mary Jermyn, born about 1846-1847, married Wesley Langford on 17 Dec 1869 in Middlesex County.

Whew! So those are my Jermyn connections so far. I'm still not 100% sure this is the correct family, but I have a good feeling. I need to check the Middlesex County land records to see if I can find Jeremiah and Susanna there.

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