Saturday, November 14, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks to Linda over at Flipside for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award! Apparently, I am supposed to list seven things about myself here:

1) I love seafood and any foods that are non-American (i.e. Cajun, Indian, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Lebanese, Nepali, Japanese, etc.), especially if they are spicy.

2) I love secondhand smoke. I know that sounds weird, and I know it's not good for me, but it reminds me of summers in Michigan as a child.

3) My bachelor's degree is in elementary education, but I'm an accountant. I believe that you can always change your mind.

4) Speaking of changing my mind, sometimes I think about going back to school for a Master's in Library Science, and sometimes I think about getting a Master's in Theological Studies.

5) I love to study religions, particularly the differences between the various Christian denominations.

6) I love to read. I am currently reading Lalita Tademy's Red River. I highly recommend it for all you other genealogists out there, as it is her family saga, based on her own genealogical research on her father's family. She wrote about her mother's family in Cane River. Of course, I do read non-genealogical related books. My favorite book is Rapture of Canaan, and I love just about anything by Anita Shreve. I also LOVE children's books.

7) I'm going on the RootsMagic Valentine's Cruise in 2010!

I would like to award the following blogs with the Kreativ Blogger Award:

1) Caroline at Family Stories
2) Lisa at Small-Leaved Shamrock, 100 Years in America, and A Light That Shines Again
3) Cindy at Everything's Relative
4) Terri at The Ties That Bind
5) Liz at My Big Fat Cajun/Irish/Scottish/English/German/French/Southern Family Blog
6) Elizabeth at Little Bytes of Life
7) Allum at Spence-Lowry Family History


  1. Hello Jennifer -

    Thanks so much for the "Kreativ Blogger" award. I really appreciate you taking the time to "catch up" on your reading of my blogs as you mentioned. I'm hoping to do so on my reading here at some point - you've done so much good writing and I'm always inspired by your meticulous research skills.

    100 Years in America
    Small-leaved Shamrock
    A light that shines again
    Carnival of Irish Heritage & Culture

  2. Thank you Jennifer for the award! I really appreciate it. I posted my 7 things at


  3. Thank you so much, Jennifer - it was very kind of you to think of me! I enjoy your blog very much!

  4. Belated thanks for the recognition! I am now figuring out how to post it--figuring out blog tech as I go, um, like I do a lot of stuff. LOL Anyhoo, thank you! I'm continuing to enjoy your blog.