Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Great-Great Grandparents' Home

In a previous post, I featured the two homes of my great-grandparents, Bienvenue and Beatrice Marie (Boneaux) Trahan, after they moved to Vinton, Louisiana. The home featured above is the home that Beatrice grew up in. It is located near the corner of Hwy 93 and Wyman Road in Lafayette Parish in Ossun, Louisiana (just outside of the town of Scott). The home remains in the family, though it is leased by a non-family member who lives in that area.

Beatrice's parents were Maurice Boneaux and Marie Alice (Sonnier) Boneaux. Maurice and Marie married 10 Sep 1908 at Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Scott. Beatrice was born 26 Aug 1910 and baptized at the same church.

According to my paternal grandmother, there was another smaller house on the property, which Maurice's father, Dominique Boneaux, had built. This makes sense, as the 1910 census shows Dominique and Alida (Mouton) Boneaux, Maurice's parents, living next door to Maurice and Marie. That smaller house is no longer standing.

Bienvenue and Beatrice lived on the property with Maurice and Marie after they married in 1929. Bienvenue and Beatrice are the parents of my paternal grandfather. I'm trying to remember if my grandfather was born in this house featured here or in the smaller house (I'll have to ask him again). I know he was born in his grandmother's house, though I can't seem to remember if Marie moved into the smaller house after Bienvenue and Beatrice married, or if Bienvenue and Beatrice moved into the smaller house. I know Maurice died in Sep 1934, and I think this is when Marie moved into the smaller house. My grandfather was born in 1935. Questions, Questions!!

UPDATE: I talked to my grandfather this morning. I had a few things mixed up. There was an older house on the property, which was probably inhabited by Dominique and Alida. They were his great-grandparents, but they both died before he was born. The older house was torn down, and Bienvenue and Beatrice built a new house on the property. This new house is where my grandfather was born. This new house was sold many years ago and moved off the property. He verified that the house that is featured here was his grandmothers' house. I thought his delayed birth certificate said he was born at his grandmothers' house, but since his grandmother owned the property Bienvenue and Beatrice's house was on, maybe that's what that statement meant. I am going to have to double check the delayed birth certificate. Of course, as we all know, delayed birth certificates are in fact, delayed, which leaves some doubt about them being 100% correct.

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