Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Grandma and the Mule She Didn't Get

L to R: William John Mertena, John Henry Mertena, and Merlene Golda Mertena, c. 1940

This is one of my favorite photos. This is my paternal grandmother, Merlene (Mertena) Trahan with her older brother, Bill, and her paternal grandfather, John Henry Mertena. John Henry was a farmer from Logan County, Oklahoma. According to my grandmother, her grandfather told her she could have this mule, but then he changed his mind and told her she could have another mule instead. But she was stubborn and said that she wanted this mule, so she never did take any other mule.

Grandma, please feel free to add comments to this post to fill us in with the rest of the details! Love you!


  1. Great image! I'm dying to know what your Grandma has to say!

  2. There was a little white mare on the farm named Rat that I loved. She had the rEPutation of being wild but she let me ride her anyway I wanted, I could not lift a saddle so just pulled my way onto her back by her msne, She probsbly let me dowhatever I wanted because MOTHHER RODE HER WHEN SHGE WAS EXPECTING ME. Grandpa said it was time for me to ride a "proper horse" I said I wanted Rat's next colt but the neighbors fence was down and Rat's next colt was a mule. Tne cutest thing I had ever seen/it was not the proper thing for John Hwnry Mertena's grsnddaughter to ride. He sold it for a good prce,,,,,,,,,,was going to buy me a beautiful ridng horse. I was mad. I always got my way!! the only horse I rode after that was Rat.
    Love ya Grandmother