Thursday, June 25, 2009

Off to Michigan in the Morning

Well, it looks like I will be going to Michigan after all this year. Unfortunately, it is not under the best of circumstances. I found out late Monday night that my uncle passed away from a massive heart attack. He was only 52, and it was rather unexpected. He has three young daughters, so this has been especially hard on them. Please keep our family in your prayers as we all travel to Michigan and for my aunt and my cousins as they cope with the loss.

Perhaps next week I will be able to do a live research trip post if I am able to grab a few hours to go to the library or courthouse there, and if I can find an internet connection. But most of my time will probably be spent with family, since I don't have very much of it, so I think I will probably have to put my research desires on hold for a better time. But it will sure be nice to see everyone again. Perhaps I should use the time to interview my great-uncle instead of going to the courthouse or library.

Dennis Douglas Drouillard, 1957-2009


  1. Is Dennis related to Sue Drouillard graduated 1964? Where in MI are you heading? B

  2. Hi, Brenda! He graduated from Port Huron Northern High School in 1975. We are headed to Port Huron. There are several Drouillard's in southeastern Michigan, so I bet Sue is a distant cousin. I believe they all descend from Simon Drouillard who arrived in Quebec in the 1600s.