Thursday, January 3, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday: John Peter Pemberton Military Discharge

Name: John P. Pemberton
Serial no: AF16 194 223
Rank: Sgt
Arm or service: AF
Comp & terms of service: AF 3 yrs
Organization: 6141 ST AFBU MAO APO 547
Date of separation: 28 Jun 49
Place of separation: Sep C CP Stoneman Calif
Permanent mailing address: 729 12 St Port Huron Mich
Date of birth: 18 Nov 28
Place of birth: Port Huron Mich.
Address from which employment will be sought: See 9 [permanent mailing address]
Color eyes: Blue
Color hair: brn
Height: 5 7
Weight 148
No. Depend: 0
Race: white
Marital status: single
U.S. Citizen: yes
Civilian occupation and no: Student HS Acad X-02
Date of enlistment: 28 Sep 46
Date of entry into active service: 28 Sep 46
Place of entry into service: Selfridge Fld Mich
Selective service data:
County and state: St. Clair Mich
Home address at time of entry into service: See 9
Military occupational specialty and no: Auto Mech 014
Military qualification and date: Carbine 144
Battles and campaigns: None
Decorations and citations: World War II Victory Medal, Army of Occupation Medal Japan
Wounds received in action: None
Latest immunization dates: Smallpox May 49
Service outside continental U.S. and return:
Date of departure: 4 Jun 47
Destination: APT
Date of arrival: 16 Jun 47
Date of departure: 6 Jun 49
Destination: USA
Date of arrival: 18 Jun 49
Prior service: None
Continental service: 8m 16d
Foreign service: 2y 15d
Reason and authority for separation: AR 615 365 27 Oct 48 C of G Par 1 Pets & DA Cir 335/48
Service schools attended: AF Sch 10 wks auto mech course Lowry Fld Colo
Education: Grammar 8 yrs, High school 3 yrs, College 0 yrs
Pay Data:
Longevity for pay purposes: 2y 9m 1d
Mustering out pay total: $300
This payment: $100
Soldier deposits: None
Travel pay: $28.85
Total amount, name of disbursing officer: R H Hansen Lt Col FD $528.38
Insurance Notice:
Kind of insurance: Nat. Serv.
How paid: Allotment
Effective date of allotment discontinuance: 30 Jun 49
Date of next premium due: 31 Jul 49
Premium due each month: $6.40
Intention of veteran to continue
Remarks: Blood Group A
Lapel button issued 111 109

This is the military discharge paper for my maternal grandfather, John Peter Pemberton.  I found this document at the home of my maternal grandmother. He enlisted in the Army on 28 Sep 1946 at Selfridge Field in Macomb County, Michigan. He was 17 years old at the time and lived at 729 12th Street in Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan. He spent 8 months of his service in the continental U.S. and two years in Japan. He attended a 10-week auto mechanic training course at Lowry Field in Colorado. He was discharged on 28 Jun 1949 at Camp Stoneman in Pittsburg, Contra Costa, California. I am still trying to figure out exactly where he served in Japan. His military organization is given as 6141 ST AFBU MAO APO 547, which may give me a clue with a little more research.

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