Saturday, January 12, 2013

SNGF: Semi-Random Research

Randy from Genea-Musings has sent us on a mission again. Since I haven't participated in quite awhile in Saturday Night Genealogy Fun, and my goal is to blog more, I figured I would get back into the swing of participating.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it (cue the Mission Impossible! music) is to:

1)  We're going to do a little bit of Semi-Random Research tonight...

2)  Go to your family tree database of choice (you know, like RootsMagic, Reunion, Ancestry Member Tree), and determine who the very last person on your list of names is.

3)  What do you know about this person based on your research?  It's OK to do more if you need to - in fact, it's encouraged!

4)  How are you related to this person, and why is s/he in your family tree?

5)  Tell us about it in a blog post of your own, in a comment to this blogp ost, or in a Facebook Status post or Google+ Stream post.
The very last person in my RootsMagic database is Alice Zimmerman. Alice was the wife of my second cousin 3x removed, George L. Avers. George was the son of Albert S. Avers and Elizabeth M. Phelps. Elizabeth was the daughter of Joseph Putnam Phelps and Agnes Emma Pemberton. Agnes was the sister of my 3x great-grandfather, John Pemberton. 

Alice Zimmerman was born 27 Jan 1898 and died 3 Apr 1982 in Port Huron, St. Clair, Michigan. George and Alice married in 1967. They married late in life, and no children are mentioned in George's obituary. My source for Alice's birth and death date/place is the "Michigan Deaths, 1971-1996" at My source for the marriage date is George's obituary. Looks like I need to further research in death and marriage records to find more info. 

The very last person in my old Family Tree Maker database is William Young. William was supposedly my 6th great-uncle. My notes say he was born abt 1731 and died abt Dec 1811. Do you really want to know my source? You guessed it....unsourced family trees on the Internet. Do you see why I've abandoned this database? He was supposedly the son of Peter Young and Anna Eve Fox. William's brother, Peter Warren Young, is supposedly my 6th great-grandfather. Peter Warren Young supposedly married Anna Margaret Serviss, and they had a daughter named Elizabeth Young. Elizabeth supposedly married my 5x great-grandfather, Jacob Crysler. Obviously, I don't have much faith in this tree. The only thing I know for sure on this line is that my great-grandmother was Mabel Ellen Crysler, her father was Ernest George Crysler, and his father was George Calvin Crysler. From there, more research needs to be done.

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