Thursday, July 14, 2011

Aren't They Precious?

Several months ago, I blogged about the births of my niece, Violet, and my cousin, Denni, as well as the upcoming births of cousins Brynnlee and Connor. Poor Brynnlee and Connor were born during my busy season, so I never did post any updates on their births (getting complaints from the readers). So, here are updated pics on all babies (now, you complainers better not get mad because Denni and Violet get two posts).

Photo courtesy of Cousin Hope
Denni ViAnn
b. 30 Aug 2010

Violet Cecile
b. 30 Sep 2010

Photo courtesy of Cousin Paige
Brynnlee Addison
b. 26 Jan 2011

Photo courtesy of Cousin Amber
 Connor Andrew
b. 25 Feb 2011


  1. I love this post and the pictures...but I do believe u stole them lol

  2. I did not steal Violet's. That was on my own camera. I plead the fifth on the rest of them...LMAO.

  3. How can anyone have anything but a fantastic day after seeing all of those adorable, happy, smiling faces!