Monday, August 30, 2010

Newest Addition to the Family Tree: Baby Denni

Photo courtesy of Denni's Aunt Paige

Denni ViAnn
b. 30 Aug 2010 at 1:08 am
6 lb. 12 oz.
19 1/4 in.

My aunt called me on the way to work this morning to let me know that Baby Denni had finally arrived. Baby Denni is the daughter of my first cousin and is my first cousin once removed. She is the first of 4 babies being born into the Pemberton/Drouillard family in the next 7 months, so I'm sure you will be seeing many posts like this during that time. The next baby on the list is my sister's baby, who is due in September.

Baby Denni was named for her PawPaw Dennis (maternal grandfather), who passed away suddenly in June 2009 of a heart attack at the age of 52, and her maternal grandmother, Gloria ViAnn. If she is anything like her PawPaw, she will be the family jokester, though I think her older brother is vying for that title, as he won Most Witty in his pre-kindergarten class last year.

Denni is supposed to be wearing the stylish outfit I bought her when she leaves the hospital, so I'll have to be sure someone back in Louisiana takes pics for me on that day. If anyone does, I'll post them here, so you all can be wowed by my sense of style. I have to say that her Aunt Paige's dress, shown in the pic above, is not too shabby. I guess I have a little competition!


  1. She is adorable (and my baby-crazy daughters agree)!

  2. Thanks, Greta! I can't believe our family is having 4 babies within a year. I really wish my grandparents were here to see all their great-grandchildren, but I know they are smiling down on us. I just realized that Denni is also named after my grandmother, Violet, because my aunt's middle name of ViAnn is a variation on Violet.

  3. Congratulations! She is absolutely adorable!