Sunday, October 3, 2010

Introducing Violet

Violet Cecile
b. 30 Sep 2010

I am finally an aunt! Violet is named for her great-grandmother, Violet Mae CURRIE. I will be going out to California to meet Violet on Thursday! Can't wait! I've already bought her a onesie with a pedigree chart on it from Fun Stuff for Genealogists. I figure since she is named for her great-grandmother, she is going to have to be the next genealogist, right? Violet is the first grandchild of my parents. She is the second great-grandchild and first great-granddaughter of my paternal grandparents. She is the 18th great-grandchild and 9th great-granddaughter of my maternal grandparents. She shares the same birthday as her second cousin, Blake, and was born exactly one month after her second cousin, Denni.


  1. Congratulations on becoming an aunt! Violet is adorable and I especially love her little dress with the large flowers. If she has her g-grandmother's name then she HAS to be a genealogist. Start telling her the family stories during your first visit with her!

  2. What an adorable sweetie - congratulations! Have fun spoiling her!

  3. Congratulations auntie! And she picked a great day to be born on! (my birthday too!)

  4. You are coming to California! If you are in Northern California try and make it to the Family History Expo in Pleasanton. Would love to meet you!

  5. Hi, everyone! Thanks for the kind words.

    Nancy, don't worry. I will be telling her lots of stories.

    Holly, that seems like it is everyone's birthday. I know at least 3 other people with that birthday.

    Sheri, I would love to come. I think that already did cross my mind once. However, that is the weekend of the baptism, and we have lots of family events planned. I will try to plan my next CA trip around a conference that I can attend...LOL!!!