Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yes, I am Alive and in Knoxville!

I haven't posted too much since I first arrived in North Carolina about a month ago. I apologize. I'm still working on trying to keep up at work. Relocating a whole company can be very challenging. I love new experiences, but I think I would have to think twice about moving with a company that is relocating headquarters again. Whew! But I do love North Carolina and my job, and I'm glad I am there.

For the next three days, I can forget about the challenges of work and delve into the FGS conference in Knoxville. I arrived this evening around 6:00 pm. It was a nearly 6-hour drive from Raleigh. It was an easy route to remember --- straight across I-40. The conference started this morning, but with the work piling up mentioned above, I decided to skip the first day of seminars and come in this evening. The drive here was beautiful. I drove through the Smoky Mountains, partially in a light rain storm. It was pretty neat to see the smoke coming off the mountains right in front of me. Unfortunately, I came by myself, so I didn't get to take too many pictures. Here is one of the Smokies near the North Carolina/Tennessee border.

Tomorrow, I am planning on ordering a nice breakfast from the hotel room service before attending the keynote speech at 8 AM. I believe there is a trolley, but I think I will walk to the convention center since it is only a block away. I then plan to explore the exhibit hall and meeting up with some geneabloggers before the 11 AM sessions. If I don't change my mind again, or if I can manage to arrive before the sessions get filled up, I believe I will attend the following three sessions tomorrow:

1) The Manuscript Collections at the Kentucky Historical Society - I have heard that there is info on my Renfro ancestors in the historical society's vertical files

2) Poor? Female? Black? Slave? Southern Research Strategies - I couldn't miss a presentation by Elizabeth Shown Mills. She is also using examples from one of my favorite novels, Cane River.

3) Ya'll Come See Us: A Virtual Visit to the Tennessee State Library and Archives - I'm sure there is much info there on my Proffitt ancestors.

And speaking of my Proffitt ancestors, I just realized today that I was actually in Jefferson County, Tennessee, the land of the Proffitts. I may have to veer off I-40 to Chestnut Hill to look for cemeteries and whatnot on Sunday.

Anyhow, I will try to post another update tomorrow or Friday.


  1. Looking forward to reading about the rest of your conference experiences. Since I can't attend this one I get to live vicariously through my GeneaBlogger friends!

  2. It was nice to meet you today Jennifer. Hope you had a great first day.

  3. Michelle -- Hopefully I can muster up the energy to blog each day...the conference is fun but I'm very tired now...

    Tina -- It was nice meeting you too. I'm very impressed that you have managed to blog each day so far. I'm so tired that I think I will have to wait until tomorrow to update. I guess I should have taken a nap too. I did manage to get in some live comments on the Genealogy Guys podcast, so I'm pretty excited about that:). I am famous now...LOL!!!

  4. Hi Jennifer. It was nice to meet you at FGS. Sorry I didn't see you after lunch today to say goodbye.

  5. Hi, Linda! That is okay. It was so nice to meet you. If my sister wasn't having her baby baptized around the time of the Louisville conference, I would definitely come to see Megan.