Sunday, June 6, 2010

Newest Addition to the Family

Our newest addition to the family: Callie Fantastica Trahan Sepulvado

Hobbies: Playing in the bathroom, chasing bugs and invisible "invaders" around the apartment, attacking Daddy's feet, cat burglarizing Mama's jewelry, cat napping, and stalking birds


  1. How sweet! Both of our cats died in the past year and we miss them. We had a family meeting and decided to get 2 cats. My kids both help out at the animal shelter and they are looking for the right two cats.

  2. Gorgeous! Calicos are so pretty and have such great personalities.

  3. Thanks, Greta and Harriet! She is such a sweet cat. We found her outside hanging with the other stray cats. There are several strays that roam my apartment complex. I really think she used to belong to someone because she is very well-behaved and friendly, which is not usually stray cat behavior. But she wasn't fixed and was a year old when I found her in March, so that is odd if she did belong to someone. Her newest thing is attacking rolls of toilet paper and leaving them all over the living room floor.