Sunday, February 1, 2009

The 6th of the 6th: Cousins marrying cousins

I'm a little late at finding Randy Seaver's idea of choosing the 6th picture in the 6th folder of "My Pictures" or it's equivalent. But I figure better late than never, even though I told my fiance I would take a break from this new obsession with blogging. But this won't take long.

This is one of my best friends/wife of my first cousin/stepcousin, Amber Renee (Gautreaux) Pemberton, and my first cousin once removed, Makayla Grace Pemberton. This was taken at Amber's house in Port Huron, Michigan, just 3 weeks after Makayla was born on 1 February 2008. In fact, today is Makayla's first birthday, so maybe it's better than I waited to post this today. You may be wondering how Amber could be one of my best friends/wife of my first cousin/stepcousin, all in one. I first met Amber the summer after kindergarten, in 1987, at the community pool in Vinton, Louisiana. My dad was always taking my sister and I swimming there, and her mom was always taking her brother and her swimming there. Our mom's eventually became friends, and, naturally, we did too. Amber's dad had died very young of skin cancer just before we met them that summer at the pool. About two years later, my mother's brother, Uncle Brian, had just gotten divorced from his first wife. My mom set up him and and Amber's mom, Debbie, on a date. Well, they must have hit it off because they are still together today. This is why I also call Amber my stepcousin. Then, on 20 Jul 2002, Amber married the son, Stephen Jr., of my mom's other brother, Stephen Sr. Therefore, she's also the wife of my first cousin. Basically, she married her first stepcousin. Makayla is the daughter of Amber and Stephen, Jr.


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  2. Hi Jennifer. I'm at my dad's computer while visiting him and I read your blog. I wanted to post a comment but forgot he was signed in (he's also a blogger). So I deleted the above comment. It was ME! :-)
    I'm glad I found you and I enjoy your blog! This is a cool story about all the marriages, step and otherwise!
    Becky Jamison

  3. Hey Jennifer

    Welcome to the blog world - you are off to a great start with some good posts - I've enjoyed them!

  4. Thanks, Thomas and Becky! I've decided to slow down a little this week with the blogging, but stay tuned! I'm taking some time this week to read others' blogs, so I'm sure I will be visiting both of your's for a more in-depth read.