Thursday, February 5, 2009

More on Russell and Voylet and the Whole Plaine Family

As I posted my pic of Aunt Voylet and Uncle Russell on Wordless Wednesday, it reminded me that I had pics of them from their daughter-in-law. She found my Gedcom posted on or about a year and a half ago and contacted me. I was so excited to have found her, as she had pictures of my grandmother, Violet, that we had never seen before. There were a couple of baby pictures, a school picture of my grandmother when she was about 8 or 9 years old with a note on the back she had written to her Aunt Voylet, and even one of my grandmother with her mom, Jennie, who was Aunt Voylet's sister. This was very exciting, as we had no pictures of my grandmother and her mom together, since her mom died when she was only 7 years old. The best thing was that most of the pictures actually had dates and places on them. Therefore, I've decided to share them here. Thanks, Donna!

Russell and Voylet (Plaine) Curtis
November 9, 1972
40th Wedding Anniversary

Plaine Siblings
L to R: Jennie Grace Christina Plaine (my great-grandmother), Mary Helen Plaine holding baby brother Walter Lloyd Plaine, Voylet Elymra Plaine
According to Lloyd's birth record, he was born in 1908, so this must have been taken around 1908-1909. I wonder where brothers William James Gladstone Plaine and Robert Howard Daniel Plaine were?

Back Row L to R: Mary Helen Plaine, William James Gladstone Plaine, Voylet Elmyra Plaine
Front Row L to R: Robert Howard Daniel Plaine, Robert Plaine, Jennie Grace Christina Plaine, Flora Minnie (Hillman) Plaine, Walter Lloyd Plaine
Considering Lloyd was born in 1908, and Jennie was born in 1903, this photo must have been taken around 1915.

Jean (Jennie's nickname) and Baby Voylet (aka Violet)
September 1931
Although my grandmother always spelled her own name "Violet," her aunt spelled it "Voylet," which is how she spelled my grandmother's name on the back of this picture. My grandmother was 11 months old in this photo. I love my grandmother's face here.

Voylet M. Curry
Sept. 7, 1931
at Uncle George's
She looks a lot happier here. From what I can remember, my grandmother always told me that her mother, Jennie, moved from Canada to Sanilac County, Michigan, to help take care of her maternal uncle, George Hillman. George was a brother to Jennie's mother, Florence. This is how Jennie met my great-grandfather, Archibald Currie, a local farmer in the area. I'm assuming this may be Uncle George Hillman's house.

Violet Mae Currie, about 8 or 9 years old (1938-39)
This is my favorite picture of all. Mostly because it looks exactly like my grandmother, and it includes a note she wrote to her Aunt Voylet on the back of the picture. Apparently, her Aunt Voylet lived in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, and she did not always get to see her, considering it was about 80 miles or so from where my grandmother lived in Sanilac County, Michigan. She must have mailed this school picture to her. I asked my grandmother about this picture when Donna first sent it a year and a half ago, and she said she meant to write her "old school" instead of "own school." Francis and Edmund are Aunt Voylet's sons.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm so glad that you have these treasures.


  2. Thanks, Lisa! I am really thankful to cousin Donna for sending these pictures. This just goes to show how important it is to publish your GEDCOM somewhere, no matter how incomplete it may be, so that others can connect with you. And I'm really glad we found Donna before my grandmother passed away recently. She really cherished these pictures of herself and her mother.