Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Benford and Merlene c. 1980

Since I am focusing on my paternal grandparents (Benford Maurice Trahan and Merlene Golda Mertena) right now in my Genealogy Do-Over, here are pictures of them around 1980. I found these attached to my grandmother's memorial at Hixson Funeral Home's website. By this time, they had been married about 25 years and had raised four sons to young adulthood. I sure do miss them these days!

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  1. I always hope that researchers, writers, bloggers return to their sites because just as genealogy is not a destination but a journey - a very long one, in fact - what people write is still there and of value to someone coming at a different time. Your story has touched me and I hope that wherever you are now you are finding joy. Silver Springs Girl.