Saturday, May 6, 2017

How Many Trees?

About two weeks ago, Randy Seaver over at GeneaMusings posted a Saturday Night Genealogy Fun post about counting the number of trees in your database. I wanted to participate, but I got busy doing some other things, so I'm finally catching up on it now.

1) How many different "trees" do you have in your genealogy management program (i.e., RootsMagic, Family Tree Maker, reunion, etc.) or online tree (e.g. Ancestry Member Tree, MyHeritage tree)? 

 I use RootsMagic 7. I went to the Tools>Count Trees function and found that I only have 2 trees. I didn't think I would have too many, as I am usually hesitant about adding new branches to my tree unless I know where they belong. 

2)  How many trees do you have, and how big is your biggest tree?  Do you have some smaller "bushes" or "twigs?"

Obviously, my largest tree is my tree, which has all of my maternal and paternal ancestors (at least those entered since my do-over began a few years ago), many descendants of my ancestors, some collateral relatives and their ancestors, and some of my husband's ancestors (still working on that one).

I believe the tree for Eugene TRAHAN exists because I mistook his mother, Ursule TRAHAN, as being the daughter of Don Louis TRAHAN and Julienne MONTET. Don Louis is my 4x great-granduncle. It seems that Eugene's mother had him out of wedlock 1 Dec 1891 in Lafayette, Lafayette, Louisiana, according to an abstraction of his baptismal record from St. John the Evangelist Cathedral in Lafayette. 

Don Louis also had a daughter named Ursule, born 23 Sep 1854 in St. Martinville, St. Martin, Louisiana. But Don Louis's Ursule married Eugene TRAHAN, son of Delphin Stainville TRAHAN and Marie Cidalise TRAHAN, 8 Feb 1875 in Breaux Bridge, St. Martin, Louisiana. I know, this is too many Trahan's marrying Trahan's and too many people named Eugene and Ursule. This Eugene and Ursule were first cousins. Eugene's mother and Ursule's father were siblings. See why I got confused?

I'm still not entirely certain that the two Ursule's are not the same, but until I know for sure, I unlinked that branch of the family for now. Since all Trahan's in North America descend from Guillaume TRAHAN, I hope that one day I will be able to link them back up to my tree.

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