Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Indexing Progress So Far...

I decided to start a map on Google Maps to keep track of the places I've indexed so far with the 1940 census indexing project at Family Search Indexing. I frequently do this with topics like "1930 Census in Detroit" to keep track of all my ancestors and collateral relatives that I find in the same city. I thought it would be fun to keep track of the places I index too. If anyone is interested, here is my progress so far:

View My 1940 Census Indexing Progress in a larger map


  1. That's sweet! I am going to do the same thing - this is a great idea. I have been keeping a list but I like the idea of a map.

  2. Hi, Taneya! Thanks for the feedback! I really liked your presentation last night, by the way. That's so neat about the co-worker's family living next to your family. I also find the map to be really helpful when I'm looking up families in a census year too so that I can keep track of where they all lived within proximity of one another, especially if it's a large city with street addresses. I have several Detroit maps saved for each census year.