Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Goals

Well, I'm finally getting around to discussing my progress with March goals and setting my April goals. Better late than never. With the release of the 1940 census and a trip to Vegas, I've been quite busy.

Below are my March goals with my progress updates in red:

  • Finish the database cleanup of sources and events for the CHATTERSON and related families. 
    • Phew! Finished this one just under the radar. Actually, I just finished it yesterday, but who's counting? It's finished! That cleaned up a lot of extra sources in my source list. When Legacy 6.0 was still using the old free-form source formatting, I was creating an individual source for each person in a given record set in order to get the citation just right.  I decided to start doing this right before Legacy 7.0 came out and improved the source citation features. I guess I just couldn't wait, but luckily I only did it with the sources for two family lines. That just happened to be when I was entering the Chatterson and Chamberlain research in my database.
  • Visit the LSU Library to find a few obituaries and get back in the swing of Louisiana research in Baton Rouge. I haven't done any research here since I've been back.
    • Didn't get to this one yet. March was pretty busy for me because I took a week long trip to Vegas to help my little brother move. I also took on an extra project at work one weekend. Maybe in April.
  • Earn 300 more points in indexing.
    • I actually earned 380 points. Yay!  I've discovered a new favorite indexing project (other than the 1940 census, of course!). It's the Steuben County, Indiana, marriages. It's a border county with no waiting period, so lots of Michiganders married in Steuben County, including my great-great-aunt and my great-aunt, and their marriage records contain LOTS of info.
  • Finish my posts on Arthur CHAMBERLIN and family.
    • I didn't finish the posts, but I did include two more posts. One was about the death of Arthur's son, and the other was about finding Arthur's parents in the 1910-1930 censuses.
  • Reply to at least three or four more cousins who have emailed me within the past few weeks.
    • I don't think I accomplished this one. I need to get better at this. I usually do respond, it just may take me a month or two (or six months). 
  • Add at least three sources from my "to be entered" folder to my RootsMagic database.
    • I don't think I accomplished this one either. Though I did find an obituary of a distant cousin's wife in the Toledo Blade at Google News and entered the citation into my database. Yay!
My April goals are as follows:

  • Finish looking up the siblings of my great-great-grandparents in the SSDI.
  • Index at least one page of the 1940 census every night.
  • Enter the 1940 source citations for my grandparents I found last night (post to follow). 
  • Clean up source citations and events for my great-great-great-grandparents, John PEMBERTON and Mary Ann COOMBS and their children.
  • Write at least one post on Arthur Chamberlin and family.

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