Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Genealogy Goals

Let's hope that I can stay as focused on my May genealogy goals as I did on my April ones.

1) Add at least 5-10 more items from my "To Be Entered" folder into my RootsMagic database.

2) Clean up source citations for Ancestry.com databases in my RootsMagic database. I had been cleaning up sources by family, which I will continue to do, but there are some sources that can be cleaned up quickly if I fix all the citations for those sources at one time. These are the ones that usually require very little detail and very little media images. Mainly, they are the databases at Ancestry.com, such as the Michigan deaths database or the Texas birth index.

3) Start adding HOFFNER/URBAN family sources to my RootsMagic database. This is my Aunt S's family line. I was going to do this last month, but I added a little more detail to my Aunt L's family line instead. Most of my sources for this will be obits I obtained a few years ago from a Louisiana newspaper and online sources, such as census records and such. They originated in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, which are three states I'm not too familiar with, so this ought to be interesting. I'll have to see what online databases are available for these states.

And those are all my goals this month. I'm going to be studying again for the CPA exam, so I'm not going to get too ambitious.

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  1. Good luck on your genealogy goals and your CPA exam.