Thursday, April 7, 2011

Genealogy Goals for April

Tonia over at Tonia's Roots and Tina over at Gen Wish List post their genealogy goals monthly. So, I decided that maybe that is a good idea. I seem to jump around a lot with my genealogy, and I hope that goals will keep me more focused and help me to see my accomplishments. I tend to focus on what I haven't done yet. For now, I will post my goals for the rest of April.

1) Finish adding marriage records from the Ohio County marriages database at FamilySearch. Currently, I have found three records for my Fink relatives.

2) Enter and scan at least five records from my "To Be Entered" folder. Many of these are death records found at Seeking Michigan and some obituaries I found at the St. Clair County Library in Michigan last time I was there in June 2009 (yes, nearly two years ago...yikes!). A few of the other items are wedding invitations and such I've received from family members in the last two years or so.

3) Finish cleaning up the source citations and events in RootsMagic on the following families:
a) Lewis B. HERIN and Sarah A. RIPLEY - my Aunt L's great-great-grandparents
b) Lewis B. HERIN and Piety ROBERTS (same Lewis above with his second wife)
c) Ferdinand HERIN and Samantha BLEDSOE (Lewis B. HERIN's parents)

4) Finish entering in tombstone info found at FindAGrave for Lewis B. HERIN, Sarah A. RIPLEY, and Piety ROBERTS.

5) Start scanning and entering sources for the family of my Aunt S - the HOFFNER/URBAN family from New Jersey.


  1. Thanks, Tina! I have already accomplished #1.

  2. I have in my Notes that I presented or intended to present you with a One Lovely Blog Award.[lol, an old age moment] So I am definately presenting this award to you.

  3. Could you please share any info on my GGG Gfather Ferdinand Herin?

  4. Could you please share any info on my GGG Gfather Ferdinand Herin?