Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Lovell Pemberton the blacksmith

Lovell Pemberton left in front of wagon wheel using hammer. This photo was given to Aunt Eva Rowley by Aunt Myrtie. It was dated 1896 in Anchorville. (MI) Lovell Pemberton sailed the Lakes for 3 years before opening this shop. He was 24 years old when he married Alvina. She was 20 years old. This was given to us (Wm L & Gloria Pemberton) by Adele Gillett 1999.
I received this awesome picture from my mom's second cousin, Tami. She received it from her father, Bill Pemberton, who is Lovell's grandson. The words above are what was written on the back of the picture. The Aunt Eva Rowley mentioned was Lovell's daughter, Eva Edna Pemberton, who married Truman Elosthen Rowley. Aunt Myrtie was Lovell's sister, Myrtle Lavina Pemberton, who married Hayes Wheeler Finkle (her first cousin) twice and then Harry Hendrickson. Ironically, neither Aunt Myrtie nor Aunt Eva ever had children of their own. I did an earlier post about Lovell sailing the Great Lakes, and this picture finally puts the time frame of when he sailed the Great Lakes into better perspective. We now know it was for 3 years sometime before 1896. Since he turned 18 in 1896, he must have sailed the Great Lakes around 1893-1896. This is definitely one of my favorite and most treasured family photos.

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