Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Google Newspaper Archive: Fink Obituaries

Thanks to Leah over at The Internet Genealogist, I found that the Toledo Blade is available on Google News. My great-great-grandfather's aunt and uncle moved to Toledo around 1890-1900. It seems that for some years, the issues are sporadic, but I did manage to find an obit on my second try. I found the obit of Benjamin Franklin Fink, who was my great-great-grandfather's first cousin. Now my only problem is figuring out how to print or download the darn thing. Apparently, Google News does not allow this, but somehow Leah has an image of the obit she found on her blog, so there must be a way that I am too tired to think about. In any event, below is the text from the obit, printed 29 Aug 1945 on p. 13:

B.F. Fink
50-Year Resident Of Toledo Was Mason

Benjamin F. Fink, 822 Brighton Ave., died yesterday in his home. He was 69.

A resident of Toledo 50 years he was a member of Westminster Presbyterian Church; honorary member and past president of Marine Engineer Benefit Association; member of the Stationery and Operating Engineers Union, AFL , and Universal Craftsmen.

He was a 72nd degree Mason and a member of Barton Smith Lodge F & A M, and St. Omer Commanders, Toledo Chapter.

He was employed at the Toledo Club as a stationery engineer.

Services at 2 p m Friday in the Walker-Wenner Mortuary will be conducted by the Rev. Alfred C. Petersen, Westminster Presbyterian Church. Burial will be Toledo Memorial Park Cemetery.

Surviving are his wife, Rose Mary; stepsons, Lawrence R. and Raymond A. Hawn, Toledo, and Harold Hawn, Grand Rapids, Mich.; brothers, Arthur Fink, Toledo, and Herbert Fink, Chicago.

This obituary helped me to see that the Herbert Fink I've found living in Chicago in 1920 and 1930 is probably the brother of Benjamin. I had been a little skeptical before, because although the age and birthplace matched, none of the other family members seemed to have ventured over to Chicago. Of course, I am still not 100% convinced, but it does motivate me to research more in Chicago.

Now on to more searching for more Finks in Toledo. So much for going to bed at a decent time!


  1. Hi Jennifer,

    You can do a screen capture for the newspaper images. I do this all the time. My personal preference is Jing by TechSmith, but there are many other ways to do it.

  2. Hi Jennifer,

    I did a screen capture like Taneya said. There are screen capture programs (like Jing) you can use but I just did Alt+Prt Scr on the keyboard and then pasted it into Paint where I cropped the obit out. Some browsers, like Chrome, don't let you do it this way and you have to install an extension. But if you're using Internet Explorer there shouldn't be a problem.

  3. Firefox has a great free screen capture program. You can do the whole page or visible page and put it in a folder on your hard drive.

  4. I was using Chrome, which I figured was part of the problem. Thanks, guys!

  5. Your comments are very helpful too, thanks for bringing to my attention. I need to learn a few things more to see about doing screen capture too. I wonder if google doc which I don't totally know either would work. but if we can't cut and paste?? thanks for heads up