Monday, October 19, 2009

Quick Update

I realize that I haven't posted anything since the end of September. I just haven't felt like blogging since losing two grandfathers and being told by my fiance that he wasn't ready to get married (AFTER FIVE YEARS TOGETHER!!!). My California trip did clear my mind somewhat on the issue of my relationship, but I'm still recovering emotionally. He's going to be moving out this weekend (the weekend we were supposed to get married) so that we can both have time to ourselves for awhile. We are NOT moving back in together unless we get married. In California, I realized that I gave up a lot of things up for this relationship, and that did not get me where I wanted to be after five years. I need to learn to be more assertive and fight for what I want in a relationship.

Anyhow, hopefully I will get back to blogging soon. Stay tuned!


  1. oh Jennifer, what a terribly trying time you are going through. I can sympathize. I spent 4 years with a guy - 2 of which we were living together - who kept promising to marry me. Long story short, he DIDN'T, and it ended very badly. Turned out to be a good thing after all because I wound up with my current husband, and we have a beautiful daughter.

    I'm sure you've already heard this a hundred times, but... these things happen for a reason, which we typically don't see until much later. Good things are coming, I promise... just hang in there. And don't worry about blogging. When you're ready to start again, you'll know it.

    P.S. Next time you're in California, drop me a line! Maybe we can meet!

  2. Jennifer - Hang in there honey - I think we've ALL been there. I too spent 5 years with someone, and when things did turn bad I realized that it was all for the best. Today I have a great husband 5 wonderful children and I'm better for it. Still I do realize that it hurts and it certainly will. You'll get through it, be strong! You're a wonderful beautiful person!

  3. Jenny, I love you. I'm proud of you for doing your best to make things right in a difficult situation. I know it wasn't the easiest decision. Everyone that loves you supports you.

  4. Thanks, everyone, for your sentiments and words of encouragement! I really appreciate it!

  5. You Go Girl! Daddy and I are so proud of you! Always stand up for what you beleive. We know at times Love can hurt we also know God has a plan for you. With time your heart will heal.May God always be watching over our little angel.We Love and Miss you so much! Mom and Dad